Shimane Winery

Shimane doesn’t have much but the things that it does have tend to be really nice. If you take the Ichibata train heading towards Izumo Taisha you’ll stop at the Shimane Winery First. You can buy many types of wine here made from grapes grown in Shimane. You can also buy wine soaked cake and other omiyage.

But the best part of the winery is the free, yeah I said free, samples of wine!!

They have cups and about 12 types of wine to sample. And if you don’t like wine or legally can’t drink they also have amazing grape juice.

When your done tasting the wine there’s a bar inside where you can sample some cheese! They also sell other charcuterie boards as well.

It’s a nice train ride out to the winery and a relaxing place to visit! If you visit Shimane this is a place to visit.



School Lunch 5/11

So this was my school lunch this week.

I had wheat rice with tamagoyaki and burdock stir fry with carrots and shiitake mushrooms and soup with potato, spinach, onion, and tofu. And with Shimanneko Milk.

Yuushien Yellow Gold Peony Festival

So last year I went to the Peony Festival on Daikonjima in Matsue but I didn’t get the chance to see the Yellow Gold Peonies. They set these special ones out on the last day of the festival. And they were GLOWING. It was so beautiful to see.

At this festival they lay out over 30,000 peonies on the water in the garden. It smells so wonderful.


My first day of school lunch!

This year I’ve decided to get school lunch every Friday. Mainly because by Friday I’m just so tired of eating what I’ve made for the week and I’m tired. Friday is a good day to rest so that includes not making lunch early in the morning.

This was my first lunch!

Mackerel with spinach salad with carrots and chikuwa, miso soup with mushrooms and Sakura rice cake and finally sushi style rice.

Ja ne~~~

Prosciutto and Cream Cheese

Japan never ceases to amaze me with the interesting flavored snacks they release.

While I was in 7-11 the other day to grab a milk tea I happened to walk past the chip isle and these caught my eye.

They actually went too bad. I couldn’t really detect the “cream cheese” flavor but I definitely could taste the prosciutto. When you opened the bag it was like opening a bag of smoked prosciutto.

If your ever in Japan always check your local konbini. You’ll never know what you’ll find.

Ja Ne!!~~

Spring Vacation in Osaka

So this year for my spring break I went to Osaka for a friends birthday. It was my first time in Osaka so I was really excited.

My friend and I took the bus from Matsue Station to Osaka. It’s about a 5 hour bus ride. It was really relaxing. The bus has free WiFi and a place charge your phone.

The first thing my friend and I did when we got in Osaka was…… takoyaki!

Every time I talk to my students about my love for takoyaki they always tell me I should try takoyaki in Osaka. Osaka is well known for their takoyaki. And well it makes sense. The takoyaki was really really good. So good I actually ate it twice.

We also found a good restaurant in Osaka for Mexican food called El Pancho. It’s so hard to find good Mexican food in Japan but this place was golden. They even had margaritas.

Setsubun in Yonago.

This weekend, February 3, was Setsubun (節分). This holiday used to be where the seasons divided from winter to spring but now it’s know more for being the start of risshun (立春) or spring. Setsubun a holiday where you throw dried soybeans at an “oni” or demon. Usually the dad puts in an oni mask and the other family members throw soy beans at them outside the house saying “Demons outside, Good luck inside” or お庭外! 腹話内! I heard that after you throw them you have to eat one bean for every year of your age. So if you’re 25 like me you have to eat 25 dried soy beans!! That’s way too many. Even though I didn’t do that I celebrated Setsubun in my own way. I went to Yonago with my friends and we took a picture with an oni by the bar we were going to. We haven’t seen each other since leaving for Christmas to it was nice catching up and playing Jenga. But then more friends arrived at the bar and the bar owner from across the street saw a group of us and made us Ehoumaki. Ehoumaki is a long sushi roll eaten on Setsubun for good luck. It also has to be eaten facing the lucky direction of the year and this year you had to face East! You can also buy these from many grocery stores and konbini’s around Japan! So hopefully as it becomes Spring we all have the best luck in this new year! Ja~~~

New Coke!

This month on the 22 Coca-Cola releases a new flavor of coke to get us in the Spring mood. Which I think we do desperately need with all of this snow.

Last year Japan had ginger coke as a flavor in winter but this year it’s…….PEACH!

That’s right Peach Coca-Cola

It taste so good. It’s got a light sweet peach flavor with the same coke taste underneath.

If you live in Japan you can find these at your local grocery store and the Convenience store.


 Hotcake Pudding 

So even though it’s been a while since I’ve wrote Japan hasn’t stopped coming out with new and interesting food. 

The most recent one I found at the store has been this! 

This is a pudding that pancake flavored with real maple syrup! 

And it comes with a separate container filled with real maple syrup. Once you open it that’s all you can smell. 

It really does taste like pancakes but it also taste kinda like a soft cream brûlée. It’s really good. If you’re in Japan you should try it!