Miyajima Torii

Today my adventure was to this beautiful island; Miyajima. My Austrian friend (pictured below) was my personal tour guide for the day. I am so thankful to him because I don’t think I would have seen this so soon without him. It was actually really difficult to get here, and I am not very familiar with the transportation system to confidently go on my own.

So to get here you have to catch a few trains, then a ferry, then you have to walk up to the torii, then you go up further and catch a cable car up to the very top and you can either walk down, which is 60 minutes or take the cable car back. But before you get to the cable car you saw some pretty friendly deer.

And the view from the cable car was amazing.

I didn’t make it up to the very very top because the last cable car back down left at 5:30 and it was 5:15 when we got up there. So I walked around a bit but not too far because I was not mentally nor physically ready for a hike down a mountain.  My Austrian friend opted to climb down.

Today was so amazing. It was beautiful weather for this and I’m so thankful




So the front desk called me during my nap and asked if I wanted my room cleaned and I said no thank you and resumed my nap. I then woke up and walked to the castle to get some fresh air and when I came back I had a gift outside my door.

That was very nice of them to leave me clean towels and toiletries outside my door even after I said I was okay.


So I was in a grocery store…

I found one of the weirdest things in a grocery store and I have no idea what purpose it serves. I mean if you know please inform me. 

Do you see this? It’s one, like a single chicken wing in a bag. Why Japan, why?! What is this single wing for. Why is it in a vacuum sealed bag…do you warm it up? Do you eat it cold?

Give me a few more months and I may figure it out.



Today was my first full day in Hiroshima. Yesterday everyone who took the train here was pooped. It was like all the exhaustion from training, and then having a wild night in Okayama hit us. So we slept most of yesterday away. But today we woke up pretty decently and went on the hunt for breakfast. I found a place 5 minutes away for my hotel called すき家 広島駅新幹線口店. 

I’ve been trying to condition myself to Japanese breakfast. They don’t have breakfast food here like back in the states. Like at home you can eat pancakes, scrambled eggs and omelette. But here they just have….food they eat for breakfast. Basically food they eat for lunch and dinner….just at breakfast time. This will be one of the hardest things for me to overcome. I miss my American breakfast like eggs and bacon and toast. 

But alas here’s what I had for breakfast. I had teriyaki eel over rice with miso, tofu and some kind of vegatables. It was yummy but that tofu…..that was an experience. 



In Japan karaoke is a way of life. It’s not something people just happen to do at a bar on a Friday night or on girls night out.  Karaoke is taken very seriously here. I keep trying to compare it to something in America….but I don’t think we have anything quite like it. At least not in Savannah,Ga.

So let me break it down for you. You walk into the karaoke building and they ask you how many hours and you can pick either 1 or 2. Then you get your ticket and take it to your assigned room. Its almost like a hotel with the way the doors are numbered and spaced out.

Then you go in and have fun. While you’re in the room there is a huge tv, two microphones,two song picking tablets, a huge seating section with a table and a phone on the wall. And some rooms are themed. One room I sang in had a disco ball!

So in the room there are menus for food, soft drinks and the true karaoke drinks,alcohol. To order you just call and its like room service. Someone will come to your door and drop everything off.

Last night I went with about….11 people and it was one of the best nights of my life. At first everyone was a bit shy to take the microphone but once the pitchers of beer and food began to flow everyone was singing with any and everyone. At the end of the night we all had 9 pitchers of beer and everyone had fried chicken and we sang for 2 hours…….

So my take warning to you, just in case you wanna come to Japan and go because it sounds so amazing, is Karaoke is very very fun especially with more people. Most songs people pick end up being sung by everyone! It’s great bonding time with people you know and also don’t KNOW.

BUT be careful because it will eat your money. Do it in small doses or don’t drink and eat as much as we did. Or you will pay about 50 bucks a person, even split between 11 people. Because our bill for everything was 46,900 yen. Which is around 460/470 dollars!