Dinner was definitely  an experience. So while I have been to sushi carousels in America it does not prepare you for this. It’s so much harder to read katakana and hiragana when it’s whizzing past you, especially if your Japanese is on a lower level. But the people sitting next to me were so helpful.

These two older gentleman saw my blatant confusion and instantly started suggesting things on the menu by pointing at them. And one even took sushi off the belt for me saying it was his favorite. I was so touched by their want for me to enjoy sushi and even my time in Japan as much as possible.

Another crazy thing that happened was…when I went to pay the cashier took my money and all was going normally but when she was counting the change she suddenly gasped and started ringing a bell, to which the whole restaurant cheered, and then told me my meal was free….I have yet to find an answer. But who am I to turn down free food?

Ja ne~~~


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