So I was in a grocery store…

I found one of the weirdest things in a grocery store and I have no idea what purpose it serves. I mean if you know please inform me. 

Do you see this? It’s one, like a single chicken wing in a bag. Why Japan, why?! What is this single wing for. Why is it in a vacuum sealed bag…do you warm it up? Do you eat it cold?

Give me a few more months and I may figure it out.



One thought on “So I was in a grocery store…

  1. I think it’s popular otsumami (food goes well with beer or sake etc) for Japanese and i have seen it at JR Hiroshima station or even convenience store in the station.
    In Southeast Asia, I have seen lots of the food stalls which sell grilled chicken wings and the taste is amazing. 👍
    But as you said, the sealed single chicken wing looks weird … 😉 haha
    Never bought it so not sure for the taste but I guess it’s okay to eat just open the vacuum sealed package. Share your comment here when you are brave enough to try this! 😉


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