Miyajima Torii

Today my adventure was to this beautiful island; Miyajima. My Austrian friend (pictured below) was my personal tour guide for the day. I am so thankful to him because I don’t think I would have seen this so soon without him. It was actually really difficult to get here, and I am not very familiar with the transportation system to confidently go on my own.

So to get here you have to catch a few trains, then a ferry, then you have to walk up to the torii, then you go up further and catch a cable car up to the very top and you can either walk down, which is 60 minutes or take the cable car back. But before you get to the cable car you saw some pretty friendly deer.

And the view from the cable car was amazing.

I didn’t make it up to the very very top because the last cable car back down left at 5:30 and it was 5:15 when we got up there. So I walked around a bit but not too far because I was not mentally nor physically ready for a hike down a mountain.  My Austrian friend opted to climb down.

Today was so amazing. It was beautiful weather for this and I’m so thankful



One thought on “Miyajima Torii

  1. Miyajima is such a beautiful place! I was there about two weeks ago (feels like a long time ago already though) and really enjoyed the day I spent there. My boyfriend and I opted to hike up (and back down) Mt Misen rather than take the cable car – and although it’s not a big ‘mountain’ it felt like quite hard work in the heat!!


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