So it’s been a while since I updated this blog! I didn’t forget about it but I’ve been in the process of moving!

So my company finally found a teaching position for me and so I had to move from  my apartment in the Hiroshma Prefecture to a new apartment in the Shimane Prefecture.

The city I moved to is Matsue and it’s quite beautiful. So far it looks like it’s as big as Hiroshima in size but it’s not as “city” like as Hiroshima. So far I’ve only seen two malls whereas Hiroshima had many. And the feeling I get from it is that Matsue focuses more on nature and the beauty of Japan. There are so many gardens and beautiful parks.

My apartment is also really nice. It’s actually bigger than my last one I believe. And I like that I have a backyard area so I can hang my laundry and my futon. My last apartment didn’t have a space for me to hang my things. And my area looks like I can even fit two futons!!!!! So I can have a bigger bed to sleep on.



So on my adventure to the center of the city to do some more apartment shopping this older Japanese man approached me at the tram station.

He was so polite “Um, excuse me where are from?” To which I responded America and he was thoroughly excited which prompted him to ask me how long had I been in Hiroshima and what did I do here.

With every response I gave the smile on his face grew wider and wider. I couldn’t help but feel like I was making him feel more confident in his English ability no matter how limited his vocabulary was. I, as an American understand him and he loved it.

He even thanked me for talking to him and letting him practice English. What a sweet guy. Thank you for that memory sir.



So at the store I stumbled upon these guys. Japan is known for having some pretty interesting flavors when it comes to kit kats and I finally found a cool one.  

This is a purple sweet potato flavored Kit Kat or Taro as some may know it. 

It generally just tasted like vanilla white chocolate with a hint of something else that I really couldn’t put my hands on. I’m going to assume that somethings else was the purple sweet potato. But overall not bad. I can’t wait to find more flavors! 



Hiroshima is very famous for their okonomiyaki! Back when the bomb was dropped their whole city was devastated. The bombs destroyed cities, families, and their food recourses. Okonomiyaki was easy to produce simply because it’s a thin batter pancake (more of a crepe) with cabbage,other veggies, meat, and or seafood. It’s easy to make with leftovers and what you have around. So it was a food that was easy to make with what little resources these people had. Hiroshima has honed this skill from their struggle and has turned it a craft.