So it’s been a while since I updated this blog! I didn’t forget about it but I’ve been in the process of moving!

So my company finally found a teaching position for me and so I had to move from  my apartment in the Hiroshma Prefecture to a new apartment in the Shimane Prefecture.

The city I moved to is Matsue and it’s quite beautiful. So far it looks like it’s as big as Hiroshima in size but it’s not as “city” like as Hiroshima. So far I’ve only seen two malls whereas Hiroshima had many. And the feeling I get from it is that Matsue focuses more on nature and the beauty of Japan. There are so many gardens and beautiful parks.

My apartment is also really nice. It’s actually bigger than my last one I believe. And I like that I have a backyard area so I can hang my laundry and my futon. My last apartment didn’t have a space for me to hang my things. And my area looks like I can even fit two futons!!!!! So I can have a bigger bed to sleep on.


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