Halloween Fries

So I went to McDonald’s JUST to get those Halloween Fries I’ve been seeing go around the interwebs….and maybe also a melon Fanta.

So for those who haven’t seen the advertisement.

Japan’s Halloween promotion is Pumpkin-Choco fries! Just 60 extra cents to add it in. Not too bad for a novelty fry. So when in Rome…why not, or maybe when in Japan…why not. Yeah, that’s better.

So you get a combo chocolate and pumpkin pack and you squeeze it all over your fries. It actually makes it look nicer then if I would have just had to drizzle them on one by one. Japanese magic here. They always have a way to make their food look A1.


So after you decorate….you have to come to terms that you just perhaps destroyed a McDonalds fry. And then try it.

I would give these a…7/10. It got extra points just for the novelty of the idea. But these fries have a taste unlike any other. Not only do you have the rich chocolate taste but this pumpkin is also sweeter and it taste almost like a real Kabocha pumpkin.

And then add that with the saltiness of the fries it’s just a bit much going on. My mouth was so confused. I think if it was just chocolate I would have liked it a lot more. But that pumpkin sent my taste buds to a place they’d never been before and never wanna go again. But to be honest next Halloween…I still may get them. It’s got the Pumpkin Spice latte effect. I’ve gotta hold on to seasonal things to really feel like that season is happening.



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