Winter is Coming. 

So winter is coming……literally. When I first got to Matsue on October 3 it was in the low 80′ and high 70′. But now it’s starting to fall into the high 70’s and the lows in the 50’s and I am freaking out. And I didn’t think about it but now I am. I am living at the very north of western Japan. It’s about to be cold. 

Being a Georgia/Florida girl you know my winter wardrobe mostly consist of a long sleeve shirt, a few pullovers and sweatshirts and a denim jacket. Many of times during Christmas I have worn shorts and t shirts. 

So out of fear of the rapidly falling tempature I went on a winter wardrobe shopping spree.

I bought a few things called Japan Heattech. Uniqlo sells them and it’s lightweight clothing that generates heat to keep you warm. And the Heattech comes in Jackets, leggings, Turtle necks, V necks, crew necks and even pants. I also picked up a few sweaters.

 Now people who know me know this won’t be all of the winter clothes I buy. But these will hold me over until the next pay day. 



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