McDonald’s we meet again. 

I know it seems like I’m eating at McDonald’s every week! I keep posting about McDonald’s this and McDonald’s that. BUT to my defense McDonald’s in Japan is the wildest thing I’ve ever experienced. Every new product they release I wanna try it so bad. So on this McDonald’s adventure it’s the other Halloween themed French fry. So the first fry to be released this month was the pumpkin and chocolate fries which I did a review on earlier this month. This time though it’s the Chocolate and Purple Sweet potato version!!

So first I’m going to brag. Look at my McDonald’s!!! I keep saying that Ronald McDonald actually lives here. IT’S AN ACTUAL HOUSE! How is this even a McDonald’s???? My Japanese IC or helper didn’t understand why I thought this was the craziest thing. I don’t know how she thought this was normal, but again she may never see the McDonald’s we have in the West, they don’t look this fancy.  Coolest McDonald’s ever. Okay, but back to the fries.

So after a thorough investigation (thanks Google) the chocolate and purple sweet potato are apparently the Witches version of the fries and I love it. The friend I went with said they missed a WONDERFUL opportunity to make the fries purple….which is true that would have been waaaaaaaaay cooler looking.

I actually really love these fries. The sweet potato isn’t overbearing it’s a subtle sweet taste. Not like the strong artificial sweet flavor of the pumpkin, I am glad I tried the pumpkin but I think this version is the only one for me. The purple sweet potato is  a hard flavor to describe but if you’ve ever had anything taro flavored it’s got that same soft and subtle vanilla-ish taste to it. It’s my favorite McDonald’s treat so far. I can’t wait for the next thing they come out with! Also shout out to the chicken nuggets here, I know I didn’t get them this time, but they are AMAZING. America needs to let McDonald’s step up their game.




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