Japanese Pizzzzaaaa

In America Pizza is sacred even if the ingredients are varied they never stray away from meat, veggies and cheese, except for that person who likes pineapple on their pizza….aka me….
So everyone in the world knows how intense and unusual Japanese Pizza tends to be. I remember when I took Japanese in college my teacher would pull up fast food menus to help us learn how to read katakana and hiragana in a more fun way. I remember seeing corn with shrimp and avocado and mayo on a pizza and cringing. Who in the world would think of that combination and desecrate pizza in such a way. But you cant knock it before you try it!

So to try Japanese pizza I had to wait for a pay day. These prices are ridiculous. And they’re small like the frozen pizzas in America your mom used to by during summer break. My next door neighbor and I spent around $50 something dollars on two pizzas and two apple pies. This is definitely a treat yo self food.


So the photo above was actually one of the pizzas we ordered. It’s called Luxurious Surprise 4. Its a pizza to with 8 different tastes all on one pizza!

So while the pizza is a flavor the edges are filled with other flavors. So on the Camembert cheese and pork bacon part of the pizza the crust was filled with dice cuts of the bacon.On the Margarita slice of the pizza the edge was filled with a mix of 4 cheeses in one cube from Hokkaido Japan.15046220_10207572988071308_1802858588_n.jpg Then came the seafood! The seafood slice of the pizza had crab, salmon, and mozzarella with lobster sauce and the crust was smoked salmon and red snow crab with cream cheese. And the last part of this pizza had roasted chicken with gravy the edge was beef steak with butter and soy sauce flavors.
This was a flavor roller coaster once you got used to one flavor by the time you got to the crust it punched you with another one.

We also ordered another pizza and it was half Korean bulgogi and half potato bacon.


This was closer to normal pizza, nothing too extreme. My favorite was the bulgogi one, I love that sweet and tangy meat flavor and on pizza it really works. I think that one was my all time favorite.

Maybe next time I order pizza I will venture into the land of the Shrimp Mayo Bacon or the pizza that you put honey maple syrup on. But I may need a few more months in Japan to come to term with those options…


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