Just Ignore Me…

So every Sunday I try to do my grocery shopping. I spend a good deal of money, but its either that or shop every few days…and I am not about that. I plan my meals to where breakfast, lunch and dinner are all planned out for the week. I don`t leave work until 5, so the last thing I want to do is meander around the grocery store.

On my shopping trip this week….I almost cried in the middle of the store… I’ll explain trust me.
If you’re not living in Japan you may not understand. But many of us go through fruit withdrawal. And if you don’t know what that is it’s when you come from enjoying an abundance fruits that are in and out of season. Still at a reasonable price and not trying to find reasons on why you should pay $13 on a tiny honeydew melon.
In the states I ate fruit almost every day. I love fruit I have loved it since I was a child.., that didn’t help me prepare for the Japanese lifestyle of tiny fruit that cost on average $5 for a sad handful of grapes.

IMG_3970 - コピー.jpg
Now I won’t say all fruit is expensive, they have tangerines in the stores now, they’re the size of cuties in America, and they are like $5 for a bag of 12! That’s great…but you can only eat them so much until you burn out on them. And a single apple is like $1.70 and a Nishi pear is like $2….my cheap heart has a hard time coming to terms with these prices but fruit withdrawal makes you do crazy things….so why did I almost cry you ask….

Well Christmas cake season is upon us, and I heard from one of my teachers that they grow strawberries in a greenhouse just for them. So with that tender greenhouse care you already know that they are ridiculous. I pass through the fruit section every time I am in the store and stare longingly at the melons and apples…and I saw strawberries and I saw the price…800 yen or $8 and for like 6 strawberries….and I sighed defeated and moved on…but I always look at the sale section in the fruit area and low and behold….I see these bad boys!!!!


And I almost cried…This is so beautiful and I can eat a strawberry…you really don’t realize how often you take things for granted…I am so happy…

I am still waiting for the day I crack and buy that tiny honeydew for $13…



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