Fried Chicken is a Universal Food

If Japan had soul food, I think that karaage would defiantly be a contender. Karaage is the Japanese way of deep frying food, but mostly chicken….and I don’t know what it is but Japanese fried chicken happens to be my favorite type of fried chicken. I feel pretty well versed in fried chicken, I’ve had my moms, my grandmas, KFC, Bojangles, Popeye’s, and even Churches. But I think what makes Japanese fried chicken so good is the type of oil and flour they use. The typical technique, at least from what I understand, is marinating the chicken and then using either wheat or potato flour and then frying in light oil.

Whatever magic they do it makes the chicken taste so tender and juicy and not at all oily. You know what I am talking about, not the grease that’s on your hands, but sometimes the chicken under the fried skin is so oily and slimy, it really ruins chicken for me. I think the perfect fried chicken should have a crispy outside and a juicy inside. That’s beautiful fried chicken.

What made me think about that is because when I went to a stationary shop in my town there is a cute little stand that sells a many types of chicken karaage.



It smelled soooo good so I made my friend check it out with me (grey jacket guy).

On the menu they had so many types of fried chicken from maru or balls of chicken, to crispy thighs, lemon and even chili!


And it’s all so reasonable and quick! It makes a really nice snack while you’re out doing errands.


And the even more amazing thing is it doesn’t taste like “fast” food. It tastes like restaurant quality without the wait.

Sorry I didn’t get a picture of what I actually ordered I was so hungry I devoured it! But next time I go I promise to take a few more photos.



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