Just Your Monthly McDonald’s Update.

Another day…another trip to McDonald’s. I might as well just become the spoke person for Japanese McDonald’s. Its not my fault Japan is so much more progressive with burgers. While McDonald’s in America is making Grand Macs and Mac Jr`s McDonald’s in Japan released new goodies for this month!

So this month at McDonald’s the seasonal burger is the Karubi burger! And Karubi is Japanese boneless short rib. It’s a really tender cut of meat. It was marinated in a special sauce and had a lemon cream sauce. At first I thought it was mayo but it didn’t taste the same. Even thought it was good I wasn’t that impressed. I expected it to maybe taste a bit different and it was a bit thin. My friend and I expected it to be a big bigger. I think that because they marketed it as a huge seasonal burger we expected more.

IMG_3966 - コピー.jpg

Another new menu is the tiramisu mcflurry! This was by far one of my favorite things. It has the perfect soft serve with pieces of tiramisu and sauce inside of it. It tasted like eating a tiramisu Frappuccino from Starbucks!


Another new thing they had were chocolate pies. They had a white chocolate and a regular chocolate pie. These were okay. I actually liked my friends more. He got the white chocolate one. The flaky pastry worked better with his than it did mine. The pasty was like…the fruit stuffed pastries at a bakery. It had the crunchy and flaky outside with chocolate in the middle.

It was sooo yummy!!



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