Christmas In Hiroshima!

Firstly, I’d like to apologize for my absence. The end of the school year tumbled on us with testing, closing ceremonies and my end of the year enkai ( a drinking party with coworkers).

But I am back home now so I am ready to write! For Christmas I actually went back to Hiroshima, one of my friends still lives in the neighborhood I lived in so I stayed with her for the whole winter break! It was really nice for many reasons. One was that we both were not lonely for the holidays and the other was Hiroshima is a bigger city and in that its easier to get around. If I wanted to see something cool for the holidays in Matsue I would need a car, but Hiroshima has the tram and busses and its all over easier to travel.

So Christmas in Japan is way different from how we celebrate it in the States. Here Christmas is for friends, so every one is out drinking and eating dinner out and going on dates and eating KFC for dinner! The stores and restaurants are still open and everything which is strange to see. So my friend and I ate at Okonomi-mura! We usually avoid tourist traps like this but we went early enough to avoid the tourist dinner rush! Okonomi-mura is a famous okonomiyaki shop in the center of the city it has 26 shops inside this building!!! As I explained in a previous blog post okonomiyaki is the soul food of Hiroshima, so many people come and check it out.

The guy who was working for the shop we chose was very nice! He was really funny and taught us some Hiroshima slang and how to eat Okonomiyaki Hiroshima style! Apparently in Hiroshima you don’t eat with chopsticks you eat with the metal spatula you’re given. He was very happy and surprised we spoke Japanese! I wanna go back just to eat at his stand again!

After dinner we went and saw the Hiroshima Illuminations! This is basically just streets covered in Christmas lights! It was so beautiful! I just took a few photos of my favorites, but these stretched for miles down the street!

It was really nice to be surrounded by Christmas even if it was only for a night. That’s one of the things I miss about the States. We don’t just celebrate Christmas on the 25 but the whole month is Christmas, like as soon as Halloween is over it’s Christmas. And while I was in America I made fun of it, but now I really miss Christmas being thrown in my face at all times.



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