Back to the Grind….

It was such a nice break but the harsh reality to work had returned. I’m actually a bit happy for it. I missed all my little kiddies and seeing their faces everyday. But I can’t say I don’t miss sleeping in. 

I actually started back on the 11th but I’ve actually been pretty busy. With the end of the semester starting the need for English had grown. My 3rd year JHS students are testing and getting ready to apply to high schools and we have a speech contest called FEPCS coming up so each grade is picking 4 or 5 reps from each class. So I’ve been busy listening to presentations which is fun. It’s interesting to see what the students are interested in. 

But upon returning to work I had this on my desk awaiting me. 

I had an 御年玉(Otoshidama) waiting for me on my desk!! 

Otoshidama is a New Years gift that is given to children by family members. It’s essentially pocket money. Students have told me that sometimes they can get a total of 100-200 dollars every New Years! But mine was filled with chocolate coins. But the gesture really touched me!! 



One thought on “Back to the Grind….

  1. Aranita

    I always love hearing the latest news that going on in your wonderful adventure. The way you write you paint such a vivid picture it’s as I’m right there also.


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