My addiction is so real…

One of my favorite Japanese foods is Takoyaki! Its soooooooooooo good. If you’ve never had takoyaki, its batter with tempura pieces, green onion and ginger and a pieces of octopus in the middle, and then fried. Its then brushed with takoyaki sauce and mayo often shaved bonito and at some places you can get special toppings that are seasonal. It’s a very typical Japanese snack, many make it at home but you often see it at stands during festivals.


Takoyaki originated in 1935 in the Osaka area. Today the Kansai area is well known for takoyaki. Many of my students tell me to visit Osaka since I love takoyaki so much. One day I will go and eat my heart out.

There is a stand outside of my grocery store that sells takoyaki for 380¥ and it is truly a blessing when you don’t wanna go too far into town for a craving. But I always end up burning my entire mouth because I am greedy and cant wait for it to cool.

But this adventure took place at Aeon Mall. To get out of my house  and get some fresh air I often visit Aeon. I can shop, eat and even play pachinko next to some old ladies. This time I went and treated my self to takoyaki for lunch.

Now I love the normal takoyaki with the bonito and greed onion on top but you can even get that in the states. Why not try something different? Sometimes I get stuck in ruts where when I am comfortable with something I will often just keep ordering the same thing and lying to myself that I will try something new. I am a creature of habit! So this time I tried to venture out and get something new.I ended up ordering てりたま takoyaki which is takoyaki with the takoyaki sauce, mayo and egg salad on top! It was sooo good.



In a way I still cheated because I knew that I loved egg salad…..but I never had egg salad and takoyaki at the same time soooo…technically it was new type of takoyaki!

When I went to Hiroshima for winter break I redeemed myself. They had a seasonal promotion and it was yuzu flavored! And I HAD to try it. My friend who I stayed with introduced me to yuzu tea and I was on a yuzu kick!! Yuzu is like a lemon…but sweeter. Not as tart. So I tried it!

It was very interesting to say the least. It was sweet and tangy at the same time which was kind of strange for me because takoyaki is so savory.





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