Winter is Snow Joke!

Living in Matsue has been waaaaaay colder than what I am used to. Being from the south in America (Georgia area) I am not used to this kind of weather. I literally packed like 3 long sleeve shirts and a sweater from GAP thinking I was prepared. Jokes on me because as soon as October hit those things were obsolete.

My coat had me allllll the way messed up. My long sleeves shirts were looking at me like I made a mistake. katt-williams.jpg

So then I went on my Uniqlo shopping spree and got myself together as told in my blog “Winter is Coming”.

And I was scared because on my weather app I check every morning and night I would see the little snow emoji, but then as the day would come it would just be rain. So I was thinking “whew, this year I will get out of experiencing snow”. And then when it did snow it wasn’t even a full inch…so again I thought “I hope this is it”.

Girl let me tell you I played myself. I saw that it was gonna snow over night and since it has only been flurries I wasn’t even worried. But when I woke up and opened my door….bruh why.I don’t even know the first thing about snow! The only time I have  seen snow in real

Snow outside my door.

life was when I visited
my extended family for Christmas vacation in high school and it wasn’t even snowing anymore they just had piles of it leftover but I found a pile and touched it. Up until then I didn’t even know snow was wet! And I know that sounds strange to the people who have dealt with snow but when you only go off of the TV and movies it looks like powder! When you live in a place where the average temperature is like 60’s for winter you never think about snow and the annoyances of snow.

And I knew that I couldn’t ride my bike to work because even when the snow was lighter it was hard biking in it and with the ice it was so slippery. And I walk past a lot of schools so I didn’t want any JHS students looking at me while I bust my butt trying to get to work. I will have no one talking about how they saw some foreigner trying to bike and go under it, not if I can help it. And walking on it was even less fun, my feet kept slipping on ice and snow. My cute combat boots from Payless were not cut out for this. Who knew I would be calf deep in snow overnight! Walking to work became more of a trek. My usual 20 minute walk was extended to a 40 minute walk simply because you have to walk slow and steady so you don’t accidentally slip and let your legs go under you. I was out here looking a mess. I was slippin and sliding all over like this meme.


But even though snow is so annoying I think that is is so beautiful. The way it blanketed the whole area was really beautiful and even peaceful….but then I snapped out of that crazy haze and remembered how cold I was. But I withstood it long enough to get some quality photos.

Tennis Court by my apartment.

If I could just not go to work when it snowed I think I would like it more. Because I could look at this all day with a cup of tea in my hand. When it snows the whole world just feels quiet. Like everything stopped. It’s a moment when you have to step aside and just marvel.


I also had to make a snow angel because I mean hey, when I leave Japan I am living in the south again, I was not made for this kind of weather so I need to scratch it off my bucket list now.




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