To Doughnut or Not to Doughnut…is That Even a Question?

I love Mr. Donut. It is honestly so good. I mean even a bad doughnut is a good doughnut, right? But after eating Dunkin and Krispy Kream…you can easily tell the difference between the quality. Which is a thing that always impresses me about Japan. Even the cheaper option has a decent or even high quality to it. But these doughnuts taste like the bougie mom and pop or hipster indie places that actually care about what they serve, but with Dunkin prices.


So when I was learning more about this place I saw that it  was actually in America first and 942775_4854059357862_536509458_n.jpgthen it had an international expansion…and I think now the headquarters are in Japan.

So in America my favorite doughnut is chocolate frosted. It took a whole lot for me to get that fancy with my donuts, at first I started out with old fashioned, then glazed, and now finally chocolate frosted…I’ll even get chocolate frosted with sprinkles if I am feeling fancy.


But I mention chocolate frosted because I really like the way Mr. Donut does their chocolate frosted doughnuts. In America it always is like really thin chocolate glaze, it’s not bad at all…but Mr. Donut does it’s glaze like a chocolate ganache, it’s got a rich chocolate taste and it’s thick! Having it with warm coffee is one of the most relaxing feelings. The other doughnut pictured is a honey doughnut, it’s like glaze but with honey instead.


My friend never wants to stay long with me, but I could honestly sit in Mr Donut for a while, especially if I had a book. They will refill your coffee after a while so its a nice experience and who wouldn’t wanna sit in a place that smells like fresh doughnuts!?



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