My Leo Palace is finally looking like I live in it!

So when I first moved into my apartment I took a TON of pictures showing you guys what it looked like….

But I realized that I have been here for a while now and it has had a massive makeover. It’s finally getting to what I want it to look like. I am pretty content with everything I have bought decoration wise for my house. Even with that being said I am working on replacing the cheap stuff I bought when I was here.

I know, I know I should have bought quality stuff so I wouldn’t have to replace anything, but when you have to get here in August and don’t get paid until November you just buy what you can afford. And I needed a bed and pillows and ect. But those will be replaced!!! I got my sleeping pillows from the Daiso or the $1 store and while they cost $4, but they are still dollar store quality. I have been sleeping on a stuffed animal I won from a UFO catcher because it has more support than these pillows do.

So my next replacement buy is a mattress and NOT another futon, and new quality pillows!!! My upper back has been hurting and I think its from sleeping on super flat pillows.

But here are some updated photos of my apartment, I am sure I will add more to it but for now I am quite happy with how it is coming out.

And yes, in the sink on top of my toilet those are rocks. I saw that at a bar in Hiroshima and thought it looked fancy!!



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