Best Japanese TV Channel!


So my TV at home is a google TV and I am very thankful. Living with Leo Palace you get a TV included in your apartment and the newer apartments like mine have bigger TVs and its a Google TV.  And I can be the first one to tell you that it is THE BEST THING ever. 

If I only had the basic Japanese TV channels……I would not have survived this long. I know in America we tend to think that the shows on TV are the same. Everything now has become reality TV or remakes of old shows. But here its everyone reacting in the same over dramatic way. Or the same type of show just different people. But I will say there are some gems on the TV like the real Ninja Warrior and other athletic shows. But most of the time I am watching shows that are on YouTube.

So my TV restarted the other week and I realized a new app was on it! 

Something called AbemaTV was added…and I usually don’t click on the apps that are automatically included on my TV because they are in Japanese, and I either cant understand the interface or can’t get subtitles on the programs so its a waste of time and to YouTube I go. But I decided to check it out and it is awesome it gives me a nice break from YouTube. Because with YouTube you are kinda stuck watching the same show often since YouTube isn’t like a real TV platform. So I tend to watch Good Mythical Morning, Buzzfeed, Ghost Adventures ect. And sometimes you can get so tired of watching the same thing even if it is really funny.

 So this AbemaTV has about 24 channels you can choose from such as 3 different Anime channels, a drama channel…but most of those shows are Japanese dubbed, like I once saw X-files on the drama channel and it was all in Japanese. They also have Full House in Japanese dub which is insane to watch.

They also have an MTV channel which plays music videos from America and that is fun to watch! It has videos from all eras I saw ‘Material Girl’ by Madonna play after Katy Perry ‘Roar’ so it’s a good mix of music.

They also have VICE, a documentary channel that’s sometimes in English,K-Pop channel, K-Drama channel and the Pet channel. And the Pet channel is the Holy Grail of all channels. At first I was really harsh on it saying it was dumb and boring but now I understand….I get it. Why I didn’t like it at first was because I thought it was going to be like the Animal Planet channel back home. So with shows like Blue Planet, Too Cute or some shows like that. But this channel is just dedicated to peoples pets. And there is no talking just music in the background and your watching cats play, nap, and eat. Or you are watching dogs or bunnies. And they have the same animals every week so its like a series of this animals life. One Shiba Inu had an hour long program for his 9th birthday party!!! He even had a friend over!


It’s a good channel to have when you miss having interactions with animals. Hardly anyone who lives in a city has a dog because either most apartments wont allow them or no one has the time to take care of them. Also from what I have seen dogs are really expensive. Like in America we tend to find animals, go to the shelters or some one we knows dog or cat had babies. Here that doesn’t seem to exist so they have many animals that cost a lot of money. And aside from going to all the crazy and wonderful animal cafes your pet interactions are super low. So this was a nice channel to watch.

I do know in Tokyo you can rent a dog for like a day……I wish you could do that here in Matsue.




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