Sakura Canned Cocktail

So Japan is no stranger to canned cocktails. Here they call them Chu-his! And that is a mix of two words, since they are made from “Souchu” a type of rice liquor and “Hi” for Highball or cocktail. Here they usually range from 3-7% They are the Japanese equivalent to Smirnoff Ice, Mixxtails and Flipflop cocktails. I am sure there are more American canned cocktails but these are all I can think of.

Many of the Chu-his are made by Suntory or  Kirin. 

They come in all kinds of flavors, and they even have special seasonal ones. And for that season that means…..(insert drum-roll here) SAKURA! I waned you earlier I will have many more Sakura post and I was not lying.

112¥ is $.97

So Suntory has this new Sakura Chu-hi called Sakura Sakuranbo. It actually has two cherry flavors with real Cherries and Sakura liquor. As soon as I opened it all I smelled were cherries.

But after drinking it I will say that I am not a huge fan. It taste like a cherry Slurpee or some cherry drink with alcohol, I was really excited but I think I will pass on this again.I am excited to see the next seasonal Chu-hi come out.



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