Old Vacation Updates and Sakura photos

In March it was  a long break for me, school ended and then my friend came from America to come and see me for almost 3 weeks. I have so many pictures from Tokyo that I will end up making blog post about, so don’t worry!

But when  I came back home from all of that Tokyo exploring  I have been to the castle almost twice a week checking on the cherry blossoms or sakura to see if they had bloomed already. But every time I went they were still naked trees. Still a beautiful castle just no blossoms in sight!


But a friend and I went and even though it drizzled a little we persisted and  still had a wonderful Hanami. My friend and I sat under a cherry blossom tree with my favorite snack genmai dango, which I found out is made with brown rice, and just relaxed.


There were a few people who actually had Hanami parties and bought loads of food and were talking and drinking on the castle grounds. It was so fun to see everyone finally taking a break and relaxing.


And there was even a ninja!



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