Spring Peonies

Earlier this month I had a friend come from Hiroshima and stay with me for Golden Week. Golden week is a week in the Spring where Japan has many celebrations and holidays such as ‘Boy’s Day’ and the Emperor’s Birthday.

For the spring the island next to me had a wonderful display of flowers. On the island of Daikonjima there is a Japanese garden named Yuushien Garden it is a traditional Japanese garden and they’re well known for ginger and peonies.


During the spring peony festival they have over two million peonies of two-hundred and fifty different types bloom, of those the ‘Chinsen Peony’ early blooms get chosen and they are then put in the pond for display.  Apparently Daikonjima is so well equipped to grow peonies because of the volcanic ash on the island since it is still an active volcanic island. So the gardeners use that and in turn cultivate millions of peonies.


They were so beautiful and vibrant floating in the pond. When there were wilted ones you could see many of the garden keeps out there with baskets picking them up and replacing them with new ones. It was so magical almost to see so many flowers just floating in the pond.


During this festival I also discovered that the peony is the Prefectural flower of Shimane! This was such a beautiful event, yet another reason why Spring is the best season.

jaaaa ~~~~~


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